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Shane Bakovich

Position: LPCC-S
Categories: Team

Shane (He/Him/His) is very passionate in working with individuals within the LGBTQ+ population. His other passions include working with individuals who are challenged and faced with anxiety, acculturation issues, depression, abuse, trauma disorders, self-esteem, poly relationships, body image issues, body dysphoria, gender identity, suicidal ideation, transgender related issues. Shane believes that a beautiful transformation can occur when an individual is ready and committed to becoming in touch with themselves completely, in order to become their ultimate authentic self. In his work, Shane sees the relationship between therapist and client as the most important factor in therapy. Shane’s goal for himself and all his clients is to use counseling as a partnership during which they both learn from each other and work toward the same outcome – you are learning and growing to be the best version of yourself that you can be. Shane sees clients for telehealth appointments exclusively.